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We believe that the best marketing is both an art and a science. Leaders should focus on marketing with great measurable results.

Pine3 Marketing is a full-service Scandinavian digital marketing agency based in beautiful Cape Town. With our documented core of a Scandinavian systematic approach to business and quality, we have found a perfect synergy with African diversity through establishing a base in a globally recognized Design Capital like Cape Town.

The availability of the Internet has provided us with a whole new degree of freedom to the way people can work. Services can be delivered from anywhere at any time and as a result, the focus has shifted to aptitude and talent instead of location.


In this ever-changing world of digital marketing we believe that creativity across cultures is where you find extraordinary context and opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Our multinational team of dynamic thinkers and digital marketing specialists are passionate about helping other businesses succeed, through efficient lead generation, marketing automation and measurable marketing.





Queen of Automation


Ines, our fun fearless leader is Head of CRM and Marketing Automation Services. She is motivated and inspired to help businesses grow and always goes that extra mile to help. 
Drives her scooter to work in high heels. Doesn’t eat onions.




Mr Ideas Guy


Fredrik is undeniably the “healthy body healthy mind” one on the team with the biggest appetite. He makes ideas happen and is the team’s creative Go To guy.  His passion and enthusiasm is contagious so beware! Dedicated gym-goer. Always dressed to the nines. Addicted to mayonnaise.




Miss Pragmatic


Rebekka is the quiet reflective one. She can tune out the world and has laser focus on the task at hand. She hates being late and always turns up with time to spare (way too much time, according to her husband). Plans to be spontaneous someday.



Miss Make It Happen

Lene is our ray of sunshine at the office. She thinks outside the box and has a keen eye for the details. She loves a challenge, but even more so, conquering those challenges.
Loves banana cake anytime. Passionate about recycling, always trying to save the world, one plastic cup at the time.

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