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The statistics might tell you that you have had clicks on your advertisement and visitors on your website, but how to best convert your advertisement clicks (and visitors) to paying customers?

Firstly, you must ensure that your advertisement is targeting your target group, that is people that are likely to buy your product or service. Getting clicks from "everyone" might be great, but if they are not likely to buy your product they will reduce the return of investment on your advertisement. 

Secondly, you need to make sure your website and landing pages are optimalised for conversion. Make sure that your website is targeting your target group, that the flow on the website is easy to understand and facilitate a great customer journey and that your call to actions (CTA) are clear


Thirdly, the CTAs should not only be "buy here", but also contact options and lead magnets e.g. download our "freebie" or sign up for our newsletters to get the best deals. Very few are ready to buy at first sight or visit. By getting your visitors contact details you can continue to communicating to them by email. A great nurturing campaign may not guarantee a sale, but it does guarantee a substantial and significant increase in sales opportunities. 

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How can Pine3 Marketing help you?


We can help you to define your target group and assist your with their advertisement, e.g social media or Google ads. We can such ensure that your advertisement is tailored to your target group (both with content and pictures) and that your ads are actually shown to your target group. We can also help identify what channels to market on. 

Optimalising your website for sale 

We build websites, but we can also help you improve the content and design on your current website. We can also design and set up specific landing pages for your advertisement.


We work to ensure a great customer journey from advertisement to follow up campaigns after purchase.


The effect of your advertisement will be limited if the website or landing page you send your visitors too are not able to convert them to paying customers. You need to have the right content, the right pictures, the right layout, the right CTAs, and of course a check out that works well for your clients.  

Lead capturing and lead nurturing 

As mentioned above, very few first time visitors are ready to buy on their first visit, but if you can capture their interest enough, they might leave their contact details with you or follow you on social media. By converting your visitors to leads or social media followers you have a chance to communicate with them. Pine3 Marketing can help you tailor and automate your email communication to your leads and we offer guidance and administration of social media channels.  

Get more information about our pricing! We promise your that we can offer great quality at a low cost. 

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