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Would you like to increase the conversion rate of your advertisement?

According to Google you have had visitors on your website…


​...but who are these people really?

Your Facebook advertising stats show you have had clicks on your ad...

...but how do you convert them to paying customer?

By capturing their contact details using a lead magnet, and adding them to a tailored nurturing sequence, you can increase your sales by 20%*

You need to understand the main reason why your ads do not convert every click to a paying customer right away. It is pretty simple: 

Most people are just not ready to buy the first time they interact with you

Therefore, you must make sure you have the opportunity to interact with them over time, and such convince them of the value, benefit and quality of your product or service. 


Firstly, your ad takes the potensial customer to your website, but you need a good way to capture their contact information. Secondly, you will need to keep their interest (and make them even more interested) to convert them into paying customers. This is exactly what lead nurturing is about. 


To do this, you need Keap - an all in one CRM, marketing- and sales automation software. Get a free trial and a free strategy session with Pine3 Marketing, by signing up below. 

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Buyers Journey.png

A buyer's journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider, evaluate, and decide to purchase your product or service. (This is a part of the customer journey).There are two steps that have a significant impact on the buyer´s journey and are crucial to increase actual sales from your ads or other online marketing: 

First step - Lead capturing


The people that click on your advertisement and visit your website or landingpage have obviously been enticed by your ad, and are therefore all potential customers. To be able to continue to communicate to them you need to know how they are. 


To efficiently capture your potential customers, you need to offer them something that is of value to your potential customers and which aligns with your ad messaging. You need a lead magnet, and you need a form and system to capture their details. 


Using an irresistible lead magnet in exchange for contact information is one of the most cost-effective ways to capture sales leads online.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid lead capture methods that do not offer significant value. For example, the traditional “subscribe to something” does often not capture enough interest for first time visitors to leave their contact information. 

  • Your landing page, that is where your ad take your visitor, is the place where you will make your first impression. Make sure it is impressive and relevant to the specific ad they came from. 

Did you know: Keap has a super simple drag’n’drop Landing page builder included so that you do not need any coding or web design skills. Keap also offers a range of pre-made templates.

Second Step - Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is about continuing to supply your potensial customers with the right information at the right time throughout the buying process until they are ready to buy. A sale is never a guarantee, but a good nurturing campaign does guarantee a substantial and significant increase in sales opportunities. 


Here are 4 simple tip on how to convert clicks to customers and get more out of your ads and website traffic through a nurturing campaign:


  1. Do not make your leads wait

  2. Optimize the conversion process

  3. Make sure to aim on closing the sale

  4. Remember to say thank you to new customers, and ask for referrals


Sound like an overwhelming task? It does not have to be. Use a system, like Keap, to set up the processes once and automate. Want to try it out for FREE?

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This link will take you to your No credit card requires free trial signup. After you have your Keap App we will set up an optional FREE personalized strategy session.


Also: Do not miss out on our preferential pricing on Keap (+ other FREE addons) if you decide to continue with Keap

How to convert clicks to customers using Keap - all in one CRM, marketing- and sales automation software:


Don't make leads wait 

Leads are a fresh commodity, and can't wait until the next day. It is important to follow up immediately. They are quick to forget you.

Keap allows you to automatically enter your new contact to your system (CRM) and an automated initial follow-up campaign can be initiated, without you lifting a finger


Optimize the conversion process


As pointed out above, not everyone buys your product/serve at first sight. Keep potential customers in the loop with email nurturing witch  reminds them of why they want to buy your product. Align this communication with the ad they originally came through for optimal impact and conversion. Do not forget to include a call-to-action and internal notifiers when e.g. there is a need for a phone call. 

With Keap, you know exactly which landing page or form the contact came through, which allows you to target, personalize and automate your nurturing emails


Close the sale

Spend time on and have your sales people contact the people that are ready to buy and set tasks for sales staff to follow up to close the sale.

Keap can tell you when someone is ready to buy by having pre-set up certain triggers. This could be opening and clicking in certain links in certain emails, filling in specific landing pages, downloading certain items or more.


Say thank you, get referrals

This is actually about maximizing the results from an ad, and making sure you get happy customers that can give you good referrals. Good referrals increases the chances of other people becoming customers as well. The simplest form of making a customer be more satisfied with your company is to thank them for their purchase. It is such a simple thing but so many people do not do it. 

With Keap, you can automate a personalized thank you message when someone has become a customer, and even add an automated follow up message after some time to check if they are happy with their purchase.  You can then moreover automate the process of asking happy customers for a review and referral while people that are not happy are segmented and dealt with by customer service

Let us help you achieve this! Pine3 Marketing has been a certified partner with Keap since 2015. We are experts in helping your business grow using marketing automation. Start your FREE trial today

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