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Are you ensuring a great relationship with your customers?


Standardized monthly newsletter to your customer base might not necessarily be sufficient or the right way to go. 

To increase the effect of your communication (and reduce the number of unsubscribers) you need to tailor the information you are sending to your customers and prospects.


Don't know where to start?

You already probably have a quite good idea of what products they could be interested in. You can also simply ask your existing customers what kind of information they would like, being offers, information about new products or tips and advice, or du general research.

The most important step -> Start! And do something, if not you are missing out!


Through knowing more about what interests your potential buyer, you will eradicate the need of standardized monthly newsletters and nurture the potential clientele’s genuine interest to your product.

By keeping the communication personal and targeted, your leads are more likely to convert and your customer are more likely to stay loyal and ambassadors of your brand.

Get repeated orders, additional purchases, positive reviews and recommendations of your products or services.

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