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Get more business from LinkedIn without lifting a finger!


Pine3 Marketing can help you grow your contact list by connecting you to relevant people in your target group so that you have more people to show your content to.

We can furthermore help you significantly increase visibility on your content to ensure that potential new clients see it, resulting in higher engagement AND MORE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!

We help your content break beyond LinkedIn's standard algorithms and stand out from the crowd!

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LinkedIn is about creating relevant connections, be visible and offer potential clients something of value to attract them to you. This creates relevant incoming inquiries and a shorter sales cycle for these prospects.


We help you crack the LinkedIn code:

  • Get a LinkedIn strategy

  • Get help in writing personal connection messages that stand out from the crowd

  • Get 300 contact requests sent every month directly to your target group

  • Get targeted messages sent to all accepted connections

  • Get pro-active follow up of connections that do not respond

Why focus on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the number 1 professional network, where you meet people in their "work mode". Though pretty much everyone can benefit from having an updated and active LinkedIn account (e.g. it can help you find work opportunities) LinkedIn is, in particular, a great platform to use if your business is selling products or services to other businesses. Below are 3 examples of people that would benefit from expanding their network on LinkedIn. 

The entrepreneur that want to connect with relevant investors

The business owners looking to get her/his brand out there

The sales person looking for more leads to increase sales

Want to get help to grow your Linkedin presence for both yourself and your business? Our packages start from $250/R4000 a month. Please send us a message/email or book a free chat for more information. 

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