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5 tips on how to write inMails or reaching out on LinkedIN

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

1. Understand the person you are writing to

Look at their profile, see what they have recently posted or reacted to and their employment history.

2. Write about something relevant to them, not about you.

Let the research in point 1 play in here. Write about something related to them as an introduction or comment on recent activity. Some examples could be:

"I noticed your recent job change..."

"I see that you have long experience in..."

"I noticed that we have a common interest in..."

"I noticed your comment on .....'s post here on LinkedIn..."

"I couldn't help noticing your impressive ressumé..."

"I see that we are both followers of the ... LinkedIn group..."

Don't fall in this trap (talking about yourself):

"Hi, my name is... I am a ... at My Company and would like to offer you ..."

3. Don't try to sell something on the first contact

Hard selling is experienced as intrusive and you do not get the chance to relate your offerings to their actual needs. They will just ignore your message as spam.

96% of people do not buy on their first visit to your website / the first contact

4. Let them know in a subtle way why you should talk more

To not waste anyone's time you should communicate why you think the person you are reaching out to should bother replying to you or continue to communicate with you.

5. The goal is to continue communication

The goal is not to sell something but to reach the relevant people that want to continue the communication.

By using these tips you are improving your chances of someone actually showing interest in you message. They might reply directly and they are more likely to check your profile (so ensure that this is up to date).

If you want assistance in strategizing or formulating your communication, feel free to contact us.


Thank you!

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