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Favourite Keap Grow features

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

What is Keap Grow

Keap has been serving customers for almost 20 years (founded in 2001). A couple of years ago they introduced new versions of the software to make CRM and automation simpler for everyone; Keap Grow and Keap Pro

Keap Grow is the entry-level Keap version, but you really get a lot of value!

Keap Grow starts at only $39/month if you buy it through Pine3 Marketing (half price of the official pricing) and does not come with a contract period.

Keap Grow for lifetime price of only $39/month

Some of my favourite features of Keap Grow are:

  • Super simple CRM where you can store all data and history on your leads and clients

  • Email send with reporting to find out who opens and reads, so you can take further action on those.

  • Syncs with Gmail and Outlook. This is nice so that you can see all email history on the contact record in Keap even if the email itself was not sent within Keap

  • Syncs with your Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

  • Built-in calendar-booking links. You can create your own calendar booking links and since it is synced to your everyday calendar you don't get double-booked and you don't have to do the whole "when are you available"-discussion back and forth

  • Quotes, Invoices and Online Payments (most relevant gateways for online payments are Stripe and PayPal)

  • Simple Automation. The two higher versions come with a full campaign and automation builder, but Keap recently added a simple automation builder to Keap Grow. This allows you to set up simple automation like “When” one action in your business occurs, “Then” another action is triggered automatically.

Is Keap Grow right for you?

If you are a small business owner that just wants simplicity but still want to take your business to the next level, then Keap Grow is for you.

It helps you follow up with leads, takes you away from those messy excel sheets, makes it easy for prospects and customers to book time with you and just really gives you those desired "more hours" in the day for you to focus on other things.

Try Keap Grow for free (this is both a Keap Grow and a Keap Pro free trial, Pro features are marked)

Here is a (unfortunately slightly outdated) walkthrough of Keap Grow, but it still gives a good idea (it does not include e.g. Simple Automations as this is a newer feature)

Why buy Keap Grow from Pine3 Marketing?

Pine3 Marketing is a Certified Keap Partner and has many years of experience in implementing and assisting our clients with Keap. And, because we are operating out of South Africa, we offer super competitive pricing on anything Keap (support, strategy, implementation assistance and more)!

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