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Get your virtual LinkedIn business card

Your LinkedIn Profile QR code

Did you even know that you had a QR code that takes a person straight to your LinkedIn profile?

The traditional business cards are getting more and more outdated and virtual business cards are taking over.

An advantage of using your LinkedIn profile as a virtual business card is that the person you are speaking to can connect with you directly through a QR code. This is beneficial because:

  • The connection is made right away

  • Noone has to remember to follow up on a business card

  • You get a new connection request which makes it easy for you to continue the conversation with your new contact on LinkedIn

  • You have the opportunity show your content on LinkedIn to your new connections and build trust. This also gives additional contacts points

How to find your LinkedIn QR code

1. Log in to LinkedIn from the LinkedIn mobile app (if you do not have the app, download it in your appstore)

2. Click on the QR code looking icon at the top next to the search

3. Make sure that you are on the "My code" tab

4. Your code can either be scanned straight from here, shared or downloaded

TIP 1: Use the QR code in presentations, signatures, website and any relevant place where people can connect with you

TIP 2: Download our free guide to an awesome LinkedIn Profile:

TIP 3: Feel free to connect with me using the QR code above, and let me know you found me via this article:)


Thank you!

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