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Improve email delivery rates in 4 easy steps

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

What actually affects your open rates?

It is not only great content that makes your contacts open mails, it actually has to arrive in their inbox!

While email service providers don't reveal their algorithms, there are a few things we know that will help.

1. Identify disengaged contacts

2. Create effective emails

3. Manage your domain reputation

4. Update your template

1. Identify disengaged contacts

Disengaged contacts are more likely to complain about your email being spam. Make sure to only send relevant content to relevant contacts. This will not only reduce the chance of being reported as spam, but will also make the recipient feel like the communication is actually directed to them when they receive.

An email system that segments your contacts based on where they are coming from and that captures their interests will help you communicate more relevant content which is more likely to engage your contacts.

2. Create effective emails

Content build-up matters. Here are a few things you should think about

  • The email you send from should be your business domain, e.g. sally@ yourbusinessdomain. com not sally@ gmail. com

  • The subject line should reflect what is in the email, e.g if your subject line says 50% of dog food, your content should also be about 50% on dog food, not your pet walking service

  • Have about 80% text and 20% pictures

  • Have an easily visible unsubscribe link

3. Manage your domain reputation

Make sure that your domain reputation is good and that you attend to any issues it might have.

Check this video from Keap on this:

Make sure that your business domain is approved for sending from your email software. (This is done in DKIM settings.) E.g. Let your domain provider know that it is ok for your email software to send from your domain.

4. Update your template

Make sure that your email template is regularly updated. If your template has been listed as spam, you should probably just delete it and create a new one.

An added bonus is that you keep your emails and content fresh and up to date.

Pine3 Marketing is a certified Keap/Infusionsoft by Keap partner, one of the leading softwares on marketing automation. You get CRM, segmentation, email, automation, and more - all in one.

Contact us if you are interested in increasing your email open and delivery rate, and we will show you how you Keap/Infusionsoft by Keap helps you with this.


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