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Lead Generation basics #1: Lead Capturing

Updated: May 6, 2019

What is lead generation and lead capturing really?

In this blog post we will go back to basics and focus on the one important part of lead generation, that is lead capturing.

Lead Generation vs Lead Capturing

Lead generation is the overall process of generating leads through a website, while lead capturing refers to the conversion of a visitor into a lead. One turn a visitors into leads when a visitor leaves their contact details on your website, landing page or in other ways.

Lead generation is the process of bringing traffic to your website and converting them into leads.

Websites can’t be “lead generating” by themselves. Along with a well-designed website, you will need to engage in online marketing activities in order to bring users to your website. Lead capturing is a part of this process.

There is a fine line between tactfully requesting an individual’s information and coming off as intrusive. If you want potential consumers to give you their contact information, you must offer something of value in return, for example a free e-book or a discount voucher. This will satisfy the question of “What’s in it for me?”

Why is lead capturing so important?

Marketing activities without lead capturing can still work, but you will loose out on a lot of potential customers, as you have no way of communicating directly to your leads.

A study by Gleanster Research found that 50% of leads are interested, but not ready to buy right away. That means that, if you aren’t nurturing your leads, you’re missing out on potential customers!

Lead Nurturing is another part of lead generation that will be discussed in our next blog posts, but in short it is about continuing to be in front of your lead and supply them with the right information at the right time through the buying process until they are ready to buy.

To be able to do send someone information that interest them over time, you need (to capture) their contact details and to know what interests them (e.g. which ad they came through, which product or services that they have shown interest in etc). In other words - Effective lead capturing is increasing the success rate of your lead generation!

There are many ways to make your lead generation more efficient, which we will tell you more about in our next blog posts.

At Pine3 Marketing we love to help our customers get more out of their lead generation. Check out our Lead Generation Made Simple Package. It is often daunting and time consuming to roll out a full lead generation strategy, or to get started by yourself, for this reason we have created a low cost package to make efficient and successful lead capturing as simple as possible.



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