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Sales pipeline automation: Make your sales team more effective.

There are easy steps to make your sales team more efficient and ensure that the processes with highest conversion rates are used by everyone. By automating your pipeline you are able to keep track of the number of opportunities at the different stages (and their value), as well as your conversion rates. Moreover, you can increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Use pipeline automation to set up and systematize your sales pipeline, and ensure that your sales team is more efficient in closing deals, and can also handle (up to fives times) more prospects at the same time.

Automation, might sound a big vague for many.

Here is an example:

Your sales team has a new opportunity, e.g. from a landing page or facebook lead form, and does the initial sales call. The potential customer does not answer. The agent therefore leaves a voicemail and moves the customer to the next stage " Left voicemail".

When new "stage" automatically triggers a sequence of actions:

  1. An email from the specific caller is sent to the potential customer, for example: Hi Mr. Thomas, I am calling from ... I tried calling you regarding .... please call me back on 0011223344, if not I will give you a call tomorrow. (10-15 minutes saved)

  2. A task set for the sales rep. to call the next day (as promised) (1-2 minute saved, and no customers are forgotten. The need to double check the contacts, set tasks etc. is a huge save of frustration and time, both for the agents and the managers )

Set compulsory and optional steps at each pipeline stage, ensuring that all opportunities are followed up using the methods proven most effective. Ensure that your company does not miss out on any opportunities

If the person calls back or agent gets hold of them the next day they can move them to the next stage "working", and when it looks like a deal will be made to "closing" . The agent can also include the value of the deal and the intended start date. The manager(s) will then be able to know the value of deal in the pipeline at anytime, when the projects/work will start and how likely it is that the deal will be made (won). A notification can be automatically sent to the manager when a deal is moved to "closing" for him to do the necessary preparations if needed. At the working and closing stage, a range of emails can be ready made for the agent to send when suited. For example:

  • More information about us

  • Quote / offer

  • I am following up regarding ...

  • Did you forget us (10-15 minutes saved every time)

Know the value in your pipeline and when to expect the orders.

When a deal is made, the now customer can be moved to the "WON" / new customer" stage. This stage can trigger a new sequence of actions. E.g.

1) An immediate welcome email from the agent /sales representative (10-15 minutes saved)

2) An email the next day to further educate them on the product they just purchased (10-15 minutes saved, and already impressing the new customer)

3) A task 30 days after purchase for the sales rep. to call to follow up to ensure that the customer is in fact a happy customer. Happy customers increase repeat sales. They are also more likely to refer their friends and family to your business (YAY!). If the sales rep. tags them as a happy customer, one can automatically send them an email to ask them to leave a comment on your facebook, google or wherever you would like to increase your star rating.

Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat sales and referrals with the help of automation.

Automate with Keap

You can automate your sales pipeline with the help of a CRM, marketing and sales system. We usually prefer Keap, as it is user friendly, offers flexibility and is reasonably priced. Keap was also voted best CRM all-in-one software, by G2 Crowd this year. With the help of Keap you can automate your sales pipeline yourself or even the Pine3 team can help you get started.

Contact us for more information or book a free chat to discuss how you can improve your sales pipleline with us here:


Thank you!

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