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6 tricks to becoming a better salesperson

6 tricks to becoming a better salesperson

1. Understand your Buyer

To be efficient in selling you foremost need to understand the prospective buyer. This is more than their title and age. It is the actual person, their personality and thought process, what makes them tick etc. Also remember, that if you are selling B2B a person with a role in a company is also a person outside the workplace and decisions in the workplace could be influenced by this.

As a part of understanding your buyer, you also need to understand his/hers options in the market so that you can understand how you need to stand out to get their attention.

2. Focus on getting the Right Leads

Don't just get leads, get the right leads. There is no point on getting leads that would never buy from you. That being said, people do not buy on first interaction with you so you should expect to have to do some nurturing

80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls whereas 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up call
48% of salespeople never even make a single follow up attempt

3. Use a CRM and Leverage it

See your CRM as an enabler and a tool to make your nurturing and follow up of leads more efficient. Choose one with built-in Marketing Automation to add those extra hours to your day and to be able to work on optimizing your nurturing rather than writing emails and calls.

Knowing where they came from and what content they have shown interest in should give you leverage when contacting them and easier to understand their mindset and where they are in the buying/decision process.

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4. Use stats to Improve your processes

By actually creating a sales process you would be able to measure it to see where it can be improved. By using a Sales- and Marketing Automation tool you do not have to even be a big numbers person to see what is working or not. Measured Processes lead to better processes

5. Build Trust

Create content that educates your prospects on what you are selling. That does not necessarily mean the details of your offerings, but why they are useful in general, which problems they might solve. They need to understand their challenge and understand why they need a solution, your solution.

But, be aware, do not go for the hard sell stuff too early as this will backfire.

Understand that your prospect is going through a buyer journey which in short consists of "Awareness", "Trust", "Decision" (there are more detailed definitions of this, and Keap has a good guide to Lifecycle Marketing)

6. Make sure you include a natural Next Step (Call To Action / CTA)

Don't leave your prospect hanging without a possible next step. Give them the opportunity to read something more about what you are talking about, see a relevant offer, get an invitation to a webinar or even just contact you. The more interactions you have the more likely you are to build trust and move over to the "Decision" phase.

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So... what is your next step?


Thank you!

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