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The benefits of using landing pages and 6 tips on how to ensure high conversion ratios

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Landing pages are an important tool in digital marketing

This article first gives you 5 reasons why a landing page is beneficial, and at the end, 6 things for great conversion on your landing page.

Firstly, here are 5 of the top benefits of using a landing page:

1. Landing pages allow you to have a tailored headline and content to your advert.

Your website is a great tool to attract organic visitors and to give people a great overview of your company. It i however most often not your best option to link to to your website from your paid advertisement, such as Google adwords, nor social media or email marketing.

Interested parties from your advert should "land" on a page where your headline and content matches the one you use in your advertisement. This ensures that visitors feel they have come to the right place and stay, increasing your chance of converting the traffic you are paying for. A landing page is for this reason often known as a destination page.

2. Landing pages allow you to have a single call to action and reduce potential distractions for your visitors

A landing page is also often called a lead capturing page, as the aim with most landing pages are to capture interested parties contact details (leads) that enable you to market to them via email in the future, e.g. put them through a nurturing campaign to inform them about yourself and your products.

To capture leads the landing page has a form, as well as most often an incentive, for people to leave their contact details. The form is an example of a call to action. As a main rule, the more calls to action, that is links and forms, you add to the landing page the lower the conversion rate. A single call to action allows you to reduce potential distractions and focus the visitors attention to the task you would like them to do. If you want people interested in more information to leave their details, only give them this option. This is the great benefit of a landing page, which in difference to your website, allows you to have just one "Call to Action".

See our landing page specifically tailored to our lead capturing package here.

Our client Flexistore is also using a landing page to collect leads. See landing page here.

3. Landing pages can help you create a great first impression and help "warm" your potential customers

Your landing page might be the first introduction to your company for new visitors and is thus vital for their first impression of you, and your introduction matters. A click through landing page can help ensure that you make an impression that count. A click through landing page has a single button as a "Call to Action". They can be used as a tool to "warm" interested parties to your company and products, by allowing your visitor to read persuasive information about your company, products or offers without the pressure of the "buy now" button on your website. Your "Call to Action" can be "Visit our shop". The click through landing pages are typically used in eCommerce.

Keep in mind: Your landing pages can be a great tool or a significant bottle neck.

4. Landing pages are an important tool in email marketing

For all the above reasons. For example to get new leads through a referral campaign or to link to you shop. See our client day to day's landing page in their referral campaign here.

5. Landing pages can be a great way of just sharing information.

A landing page does not need to have a call to action. It can also strictly be an information page. Our client Bardufoss Hotell does for example use a landing page to make information available for their current and potential clients. This eliminates the need for very long emails and they can also show the landing page to potential partners they meet on road shows etc. around the world. See the landing page here.

A landing page allows you to continuously edit or update the page, so if the activities, prices, products etc. change this can be updated.

6 tips to ensure that your landing page has a high conversion ratio:

  1. Tailor your landing page (design, content and picture) to your visitor. Make sure you know your target audience.

  2. Offer relevant information and a valuable incentive for your visitor to leave their information. Give people something of value. If the conversion ratio is low a more impressive incentive might be needed.

  3. Keep it interesting, short and simple to keep your visitor on your page and keep their focus on your one "Call to Action"

  4. Use video to increase your credibility if possible.

  5. Ensure that your page looks good on both mobiles and tablets. You might need to include less text and pictures on the mobile version to avoid the need to scroll, scroll and scroll.

  6. Analyze, optimize and repeat. The effectiveness of your landing page determine the conversion ratio, that is the ratio of visitors becoming leads.

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