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What can you automate with Marketing Automation?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Marketing Automation is like an assistant that works 24/7 and does not need breaks or get sick

5 ideas to what you can automate with Marketing Automation

1. Automate New Lead follow-up

When a specific form is submitted, you get a notification email and the person submitting gets a confirmation. You might also want to add a task for yourself to follow up on the New Lead

2. Automate Appointment Reminders

When an appointment is booked you can send reminders at desired times before the appointment, but stop the reminders if the appointment is canceled.

This will make the other person more likely to show up in the appointment or re-schedule if something has come up and will make them think about the appointment in advance.

Both built-in appointment booking and these two follow-up campaigns are already included in Keap Lite (current special price and promo on Keap Lite exclusive to Pine3 Marketing)

3. Automate Getting Reviews

Getting reviews is highly under-prioritized by most business owners but is an easy way to build trust and reputation.

When a product is purchased or contact has become a Customer, you can automate the request for a review to be sent.

This ensures that it is done every time and spares you the awkwardness of asking.

You can in few clicks connect your Google MyBusiness to Keap Lite and Keap Pro from within the software to both see and request Google reviews.

4. Automate Booking of Free Consultations

Invite people that fill in forms to book some time with you so you can better figure out their needs.

What this is, is actually inviting them to have a sales call with you!

Include your direct booking link to make it easy for the person to find a time that suits them.

5. Automate Invoice Reminders

Make sure you get paid by automatically following up on Invoices.

This will also save you lots of admin time and ensure you get paid without having to include the discussion about payment in a discussion around delivery.

Keap integrates with popular payment solutions like Stripe and PayPal to get payments directly and is set up from within the software.

It also integrates with QuickBooks (directly) and Xero (through Zapier) if you prefer sending invoices through other systems.

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This article gives examples of simple but efficient automations that are all available in Keap Lite, which you can set up yourself without assistance.

Only your imagination is limiting the types of automations you could set up, so read further for more inspiration!

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